Comcast Data Cap Coming in January 2021

Brian Lipscomb
Nov 24, 2020 08:20 AM ET

Comcast has quietly revealed that a data cap that has been in effect for much of their territory is coming to the rest of their service areas. The 1.2 TB cap will start in January 2021.

There will be two months of a sort of grace period where overages will not be charged, but after that, overages will be billed at the rate of $10 per 50 GB, up to an additional $100 per month.

The timing of this is suspect. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased the use of internet services at home, and this move could place an even greater financial burden on people who are already struggling. Comcast stands to profit off of this change, even though they have previously claimed that their network has handled the COVID-related surge of internet usage well.

For more information, see the Comcast page describing the change.