Social media has changed the way we interact with each other, with the potential to bring together people from all walks of life. Yet many still think of social media just in terms of businesses trying to sell products or services. However, it has the potential to be harnessed to do so much more than that with the power to educate, inspire, and bring about change. 

As a top model, author, mega fashion influencer, and philanthropist, Simonetta Lein uses her social media presence to set the next fashion trend, empower women, and champion good causes with her charity, The Wishwall Foundation. She shares her tips for using your social media presence for good causes. 


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Create a community of like-minded people

Some social media influencers can be preoccupied with the metrics, whether that is the number of followers or likes or shares. While this can be an indication of how well your brand is doing, it does not necessarily mean your followers share your passions and values. Yet, this is crucial whether you are a brand ambassador or want to champion good causes. 

Social media has the power to create global communities with shared values who can openly discuss topics and support each other. Furthermore, it can provide an opportunity to create meaningful content for others, whether that is to raise awareness on key issues, provide valuable information, or champion a worthy cause. 

Lein tells us, “I never just represent a brand just for the sake of representing a brand, I always have some cause behind it and my followers know that.” 

Focus on building credibility

Being a social media influencer comes with responsibility and that is why it is critical to building up credibility. Followers want to see value in what they are getting, whether that is trustworthy information or transparency. 

Simonetta Lein, top model, author, mega fashion influencer, philanthropist
“I never just represent a brand just for the sake of representing a brand, I always have some cause behind it and my followers know that.”

Many people look to social media to help them make purchasing decisions. According to research, 54% of social media users use social media to research products and 71% are more likely to purchase products and services based on social media referrals.

As an entrepreneur, Lein is keen to encourage others not to focus solely on making money plugging your brand but to concentrate on uniting communities and building a stronger, better society. She believes in providing honest and truthful content on your offerings since although deceiving customers pays off in the short-term, it is not sustainable and can lead to loss of income and trust.

Give back, always

Followers nowadays are looking for more than just being sold products, they want value. So, your motive should always be to give back to others.  As a social media influencer, you have the means to build meaningful connections and make the impossible possible.

Giving back and focusing on others have played an important role in my life for many years. My charity, The Wishwall Foundation, enables people from around the world to post their wishes on our website, and I work to make those wishes come true. Yet, this would not be possible without my global network. 

Final thoughts

Lein shows us how social media can be effectively harnessed for good. Whether it is using it as a platform to help make people’s wishes come true, to empower women, or to uplift others. Being a social media influencer or entrepreneur comes with responsibility, and that is more reason to act with integrity, and honesty and to give back. Furthermore, businesses that champion good causes and give back frequently do better than ones that do not.