The journey of a person who has spent years pursuing what they have always wanted can be quite remarkable. While there may have been many challenges along the way, their determination and resilience have enabled them to accomplish their goals. Rebecca Perez, the founder and editor-in-chief of GOSS Magazine, is on hand to clarify.

Perez and her team established GOSS Magazine to foster a worldwide network of women who can provide mutual support and guide young girls through adulthood. As part of her initiatives, she has also created GOSS Club, a global platform for empowering and inspiring women to build their empires and become their best selves.

Rebecca’s aspiration to mentor women led to the inception of GOSS Club as an online blog five years ago. When she was a teenager, her parents had to leave due to unforeseen circumstances, and she was left to become the guardian and caretaker of her 14-year-old sister. In an instant, Perez’s life underwent a significant transformation from being a carefree teenager who enjoyed partying to assuming the role of a responsible parental figure.

Assuming the responsibility

However, raising her sister was not an easy task. “We had moments of struggle and pain,” says Perez, “but that shaped me as a woman and made me want to be a better person.” The transition Perez experienced is similar to going from crawling to walking. Learning how to take on a new role takes time and effort, but the rewards of doing so can be immense.

Now, the businesswoman intends to share her knowledge of why overcoming challenges is crucial to achieving success. Resilience is built by overcoming challenges, learning from struggles, and turning pain into power 

From the start, Rebecca maintained a mentality of independence. Her initial phrase as a child was “by myself.” Rebecca’s confidence stemmed from her many talents, including singing, writing, and a thorough understanding of business.

“I was very independent and wanted to learn how to do everything on my own. This has been a characteristic of mine since my early years and permeated into my adult years as well,” she said.

Struggles do not hinder success

Despite losing everything, the New York-based entrepreneur found purpose, passion, and a burning desire to reclaim what matters most to her. “Everyone’s going to experience some type of pain during their lifetime, but you can take that pain and turn it into something beautiful,” says Perez. She channeled her strength into a business venture and ignited a passion for constructing a powerful empire that could provide fertile ground for communities, mentorship, and sisterhood to flourish.

Under Perez’s leadership, GOSS Club has become one of the largest organizations for women in business. Today more than 100,000 women subscribe to GOSS Magazine, while thousands more have expressed interest in becoming GOSS Club members. Following acceptance, they gain access to exclusive content aimed at assisting them in achieving significant financial growth in their businesses, ranging from six to ten figures.