Nicole Tanner, the founder of Swig, turned her love for soda and a vision for a better drink experience into a thriving franchise. From humble beginnings in St. George, Utah, to the growing popularity of “dirty sodas,” her commitment to care, integrity, and hard work has propelled Swig to success, as detailed in a Fast Company article.

Childhood Inspiration and Education

Growing up on a dairy farm in Driggs, Idaho, Tanner enjoyed a fun-filled childhood with her seven siblings. Her early love for a good cold soda, especially ice-cold Coca-Cola, would later inspire her to create Swig. After high school, Tanner attended Ricks College (now Brigham Young University-Idaho) and earned an associate’s degree in office education, according to her LinkedIn profile. She then moved to Provo, Utah, and worked in the marketing department at SirsiDynix.

Swig’s Founding and Growth

During a difficult time in 2009, Tanner and her husband moved with their five children to St. George, Utah, looking for a way to provide for their family. Recalling her fond memories of grabbing ice-cold sodas from her grandparents’ fridge, Tanner decided to create a drive-thru drink business that prioritized friendly customer service and exceptional products. Thus, Swig was born, as described in the Fast Company article.

With a clear vision and determination, Tanner transformed an old, worn-out building into the first Swig location. Offering $1 drinks initially, Swig began to gain traction within six months. As the business grew, Tanner sought strategic partnerships to help with expansion and maintain the quality of the Swig experience.

Dirty Soda and Social Media Success

Tanner’s creativity led to the invention of the Dirty Dr. Pepper, which eventually spawned the term “dirty soda.” Swig trademarked the term in 2013, ensuring that their unique drink concept was protected, as reported by the Utah Business Journal. The popularity of dirty sodas skyrocketed when celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and viral TikTok videos brought attention to Swig, as mentioned in an Insider article.

Compassion and Resilience

In addition to Swig’s business achievements, Tanner’s personal values have played a significant role in the company’s philanthropic efforts. Having survived breast cancer herself, Tanner established the nonprofit Save the Cups to help women fighting breast cancer by paying their medical bills.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Tanner’s resilience and adaptability allowed Swig to not only survive but thrive. With a focus on problem-solving and maintaining a positive attitude, Tanner ensured that Swig could continue to bring joy to its customers despite the challenges of the pandemic.

A Legacy of Care, Integrity, and Hard Work

Nicole Tanner’s unwavering commitment to her core values has been the driving force behind Swig’s success. As the business continues to expand, her passion for delivering an exceptional drink experience and making a positive impact in the community remains at the heart of Swig’s mission.