If you have your own business or are in the process of starting one, you know that it can be truly intimidating. Plenty of guides and manuals have been written on the topic but most of them are made by men for men. This is why Anne Cocquyt published Dare to Launch, a female guide to entrepreneurial success

Introducing Anne Cocquyt

Anne Cocquyt, is the founder of GUID, the first women’s networking platform for female innovators and investors powered by AI. She also mentors students in universities such as Stanford, CAA, and USF

In 2021, Anne realized that most books about entrepreneur success missed female role models as well as suggestions on how to deal with typical women’s challenges such as imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and others. She then started to work on her own guide to fill this gap. 

Entrepreneurs’ advice, tips, and practical exercises

Dare to Launch brings together the knowledge of more than a hundred successful entrepreneurs helping people to answer questions such as: how do I build this idea without a tech team? How can I do this without burnout? Am I going to make any money? 

The book also features women’s success stories and several exercises to get people out of their comfort zone and get real results.