The Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, in association with YO Bank PJSC, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, brought together women entrepreneurs in a unique Ramadan Suhoor event, specially organized by Abu Dhabi-based businesswomen. The event provided a platform for women entrepreneurs to network, learn and share experiences amidst the delightful atmosphere of Ramadan.

Showcasing Diverse Talents

The event showcased the diverse talents and skills of women entrepreneurs from various industries such as hospitality, retail, beauty, and more. These women-owned businesses were an integral part of the event, offering their services and expertise to create a unique experience for the guests.

Solidarity and Support

H.E. Asma Al Fahim, Chairwoman of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, said: “Today’s Suhoor event exemplifies the spirit of solidarity and support among businesswomen and highlights the power of collaboration in driving success. On this special occasion, the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council reaffirms its firm commitment to empower women entrepreneurs to contribute to the economic development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

Empowering Women in Business

Mona Walid, Chief People Officer and Head of Strategic Partnerships at YO Bank PJSC, said: “We believe that empowering women in business is essential for the growth and development of the UAE economy. We understand the challenges women face, we are committed to empowering them through exclusive benefits and intelligent business banking solutions. We partner with Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council to help women in business succeed and achieve their goals.”

A Positive Atmosphere

Fatima Halal Al Blooshi, Director of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, said: “The event leveraged the services of successful businesses started by Abu Dhabi-based women entrepreneurs to guarantee the success of the event and create a positive atmosphere for all attendees.”

Special Ramadan Offer

During the exclusive event, Wio Bank announced the launch of its special Ramadan offer for members of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, where the bank is waiving off the monthly membership fee for new customers signing up for a Wio Business account for the next 12 months. In doing so, YO Bank aims to help more women entrepreneurs and business leaders access the bank’s intelligent banking solutions and drive their business growth.