Have you ever thought that your eyebrows may be related to your entrepreneurial success? This is why Manouk de Vries decided to found Supercilium, an e-commerce brand whose aim is to empower women through eyebrow care.

Starting An Eyebrows Business From Scratch

Manouk began her career working in a beauty salon in Amsterdam. Boosting women’s confidence by shaping bold brows soon became her mission. “The first day that I started working in the beauty salon as an eyebrow stylist, I found a goal and a passion and I decided to never let that goal go,” said Manouk. 

This was the turning point in her career. Manouk chose to stop working for someone else and launched her own henna eyebrows company. Now, four years later, Supercilium has become a 7-figure e-commerce brand with a global market in 70 countries. 

“We focus on education, high quality & long stay products and empowerment of our community,” said Manouk. 

The importance of resilience

Working full-time, dealing with motherhood, and building your e-commerce at the same time takes time. Manouk had to work on her business in the evening, after spending her day at the salon. “Resilience is key. You just have to keep going and keep believing in your bigger mission,” said Manouk. 

This young entrepreneur is now empowering young women both through her story and products. She believes that everyone who has enough persistence and the right mentality can become the owner of a 7-figure figure business “I feel entrepreneurship is a way of life, it’s not a job but more something you are. So it needs to be really aligned with your own core values,” said Manouk. 

Start from your eyebrows and level up 

To women who want to follow her path, Manouk recommends focusing on personal development, meditating every day, and being open to every opportunity. “Stay focused on your bigger vision but be flexible on what the world demands,” said Manouk.

She also suggests challenging yourself and your team by constantly pushing boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone. “It’s better to fail 100 times and have one big win than do safe and win mediocre,” said Manouk.