Katherine Alejar, CEO of marketing firm i3 Incorporated, is on a mission to help the public achieve better health and wellness through the introduction of the Vital Dome, a cutting-edge therapy machine that utilizes far infrared rays (FIR) technology. Launched in 2019, the France-made sauna-like machine offers a multitude of benefits, including weight and pain management, detoxification, and revitalized skin.

A Full-Service Marketing Communications Agency

Established in 2014, i3 Incorporated is a full-service marketing communications agency, with its name representing “initiate, innovate, and integrate.” The company has been helping brands stand out in the market since its inception. Alejar saw the potential for the Vital Dome in the Philippine market and sought an exclusive distributorship from the French brand.

Empowering Filipinos in the New Normal

Alejar emphasizes that the Vital Dome is not just a beauty device, but a tool for health maintenance, especially during the “new normal” brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. She believes that the Vital Dome is an effective way to help people live healthier lives after experiencing the challenges of the pandemic.

The Journey to Becoming a Distributor

The road to becoming the sole distributor of Vital Dome and managing marketing services was not without obstacles for Alejar. After learning about the product from a French friend and trying it herself, she pursued an exclusive distributorship, eventually securing the rights for the Philippine market.

Expanding Health and Wellness Offerings

i3 Inc., led by Alejar, is run by a small team with numerous partnerships and freelancers. She is also looking to expand beyond the Vital Dome and launch more health and wellness products in the Philippines in the near future.