Trauma patterns can ruin people’s lives by blocking their sense of self-worth, causing relationship stress, and generating other symptomatic concerns such as anxiety and emotional dysregulation.

Recognizing trauma patterns is a fundamental step in the healing process but to do so people need to transform their pain by developing healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries.

This process takes time and effort and having a mentor who went through similar challenges to support you throughout your journey can be incredibly comforting and helpful. This is why Andrea Firpo decided to devote her life to helping other women.

Andrea Firpo Soul Liberation and Embodiment Guide empowering women to heal their trauma history
Andrea Firpo – Soul Liberation and Embodiment Guide empowering women to heal their trauma history (Photo credit: the beatificlens)

From personal healing to helping others 

Andrea Firpo defines herself as a ‘psychic cheerleader’. She’s a Soul Liberation and Embodiment Guide aiming to support women in their transformation process.

Andrea’s turning point in her personal life and career came when she was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease in her 30s. The fear of losing her eyesight was paralyzing, but she decided to explore various homeopathic and energetic modalities that helped her heal and ultimately changed her life path.

“I’ve worked with psychologists, thought leaders, healers, acupuncturists, naturopaths, shamans, and medicine people (..) incorporating both Eastern and Western medicine in my journey,” said Andrea.

This experience was so transformative that Andrea realized that helping others was her divine purpose. “My ability to relate to other women’s pain and suffering at such a deep level is of great service and so needed at this point in humanity. It just took me a while to realize that this was my true calling. This is why I’m here,” said Andrea.

Suggestions for others 

At the beginning of her career, Andrea had to face lots of skepticism. “No one believed in this business as I did. Everyone around me thought I was crazy and could not understand what a ‘Psychic Cheerleader’ was.”

Now Andrea is the founder of a successful company, Andrea Firpo, Psychic Cheerleader, offering intuitive healing sessions, programs, and spiritual retreats to empower women, teaching them how to reconnect with their true selves and create the life of their dreams.

To women wanting to set up a successful business, Andrea suggests investing your time in new experiences and never losing faith in your projects. ‘There is no universe out there waiting to give you what you want. Instead, the universe is inside of you, and the only thing that is limiting you, is you,’ said Andrea.