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A Her Forward Verified Profile is the perfect tool for helping entrepreneurs and small companies showcase their companies in attention-grabbing context. Whether you want to drum up new customers, seek investors, or find the most qualified people for your team–it’s all easier with your own dedicated Her Forward Verified Profile.

Showcase Your Business

With your own dedicated listing on, present your business in a trusted context and allow potential clients to find you more easily. Include links to your website, social websites, and contact information so the world can connect with your brand across all channels.

Do You Qualify?

With Your Verified Profile

Be Found

Help your customers who are looking for the product and services you provide, find your business with a search-optimized profile.

Boost Credibility

Take advantage of your dedicated presence at Her Forward, the most trusted source of all things entrepreneurial, and showcase your business in a trusted context.

Maximize Profits

Increase revenue by generating more quality leads and prospects through online search.


  • A Her Forward Verified Profile offers a selective and thoroughly vetted listing for industry leaders on Her Forward. It is designed to highlight general information, your crucial meta data, notable achievements, social links, contact information, announcements, features, and other pertinent details. This comprehensive platform welcomes entries from both individuals and organizations. Discover more about how to create your profile at Her Forward Verified Profiles.

  • The Her Forward Leadership Council is an exclusive, vetted community tailored for entrepreneurs, founders, and industry leaders. It provides a unique opportunity for members to share their expertise and insights on our news platform, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas. For more information on how to join and contribute, please visit Her Forward Leadership Council.

To claim an existing Verified Profile, click the “claim this profile” button below the profile header and follow the claiming process. For assistance, email [email protected].

Once you create a Her Forward Verified Profile, you can link your Hexa PR Wire account to your Her Forward Verified Profile to display press releases. For announcements via Hexa PR Wire, contact [email protected]. Learn more at

Absolutely! We can assist in enhancing your Her Forward Verified Profile with various features and add-ons, including the creation of a knowledge panel and other essential resources. For personalized assistance and more information, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Creating a Her Forward Profile plays a supportive role in enhancing your Knowledge Panel. Knowledge Panels on Google are information boxes that appear on Google search results and display key data about an entity, like a company or an individual. These panels are generated by Google’s algorithm, which gathers data from various credible sources across the web.

When you create a Her Forward Profile, it serves as a credible and structured source of information about you or your entity. The profile includes essential details and metadata that Google’s algorithms can use to understand more about you. Although having a Her Forward Profile alone doesn’t guarantee the creation of a Knowledge Panel, it contributes valuable data that can be used by Google to recognize your notability and relevance.

In addition, Her Forward Profiles are crafted with Schema markup (JSON-LD). Schema markup is a code that you put on your website to help search engines return more informative results for users. It acts like a guide for search engines to understand the content on your page and represent it in the Knowledge Graph. The presence of this markup in your Her Forward Profile helps in aligning your profile’s content with the information Google looks for when creating Knowledge Panels.

You also have the option to validate the schema of your profile through a “validate schema for this page” button. This feature ensures that the structured data on your profile is correctly implemented, making it more likely for search engines like Google to use this data effectively.

Benefits of a Her Forward Verified Profile include:

  • Google Knowledge Panel Assistance: Helps in creating and consolidating a Google Knowledge Panel.
  • One-Stop Spot: A central platform to highlight your writings, features, and social information.
  • Social Proof: Link your profile to your email signature to enhance sales and exposure.
  • SEO Benefits: Allows Google to index all your defining factors in one concise location.

Learn more about Verified Profiles here:

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