An Angus recruitment business, Join Talent, founded in 2019 by Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill, and the James Hutton Institute, a research center focused on sustainability, have been recognized in the King’s Awards for Enterprise. Join Talent has experienced rapid growth, with clients in 23 countries and ambitious plans for expansion, while the James Hutton Institute conducts world-leading research on sustainability across land, food, and natural resources.

Join Talent’s International Success

After establishing her own recruitment firm, Hutchinson-O’Neill has grown the business significantly, opening an office in Austin, Texas, and earning a King’s Award for international trade. This award serves as “huge recognition” for the remote-first business model and the company’s global expansion efforts, according to Katrina (The Courier).

James Hutton Institute’s Sustainable Development Recognition

The James Hutton Institute, which employs more than 500 scientists in Dundee, Aberdeen, and three research farms, has been recognized for sustainable development in the King’s Awards. Their research contributes to interdisciplinary science in agriculture, food security, ecosystems, and resilient communities. Chief executive Colin Campbell expressed his honor at being a recipient of the prestigious award.

Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill on Join Talent’s Growth

Join Talent participated in The Entrepreneurial Nation 2.0 initiative launched by the UAE government in 2022, and achieved impressive year-on-year growth in overseas sales. Hutchinson-O’Neill described the King’s Award as a testament to the hard work of her team and attributed the company’s growth to their focus on international trade.

Supporting Female and Minority Entrepreneurs

Despite initial challenges, including being denied support from a female entrepreneur-focused group, Join Talent has defied expectations. Hutchinson-O’Neill aims to use the company’s platform to support other entrepreneurial women and minority entrepreneurs as they strive for success.