The internet is full of parenting tips and advice for young moms. But the content seems to be lacking for parents whose children are now grown up. Despite this, many women still face plenty of difficulties in this stage of their life, from trying to support their adult children financially to rediscovering their own identity

Meet Denise Drinkwalter

This is why Denise Drinkwalter decided to open her company Denise Drinkwalter – Empowerment Life Coach. This platform offers several programs for mid-life moms to improve their relationships with their children without draining themselves. 

Denise found the inspiration to launch her business after listening to a segment on CBC radio in which two parents decided to remortgage their houses to financially support their grown-up children. “This landed in my soul in a way that I have never been able to shake,” said Denise. 

This successful entrepreneur is now helping thousands of women from all over the world and has been featured in the ‘Top 30 Coaches to Look For in 2021’ by the NYC Journal.

Denise Drinkwalter, Empowerment Life Coach for women in midlife years
Denise Drinkwalter, Empowerment Life Coach for women in midlife years (Photo by Danielle Marchese)

Parenting Adult Children is About Prioritizing Yourself  

Denise believes there are several ways to keep parenting your adult children by creating a healthy relationship with them without having to sacrifice your own life. According to her, the secret is to put yourself first and rediscover your identity.

‘Putting oneself first as a woman and doing something for YOU, by YOU, BECAUSE of YOU every day is key to ensuring that everyone gets the best of you and, most importantly, you prioritize yourself in that process,’ said Denise.

Her goal is now to help one billion women shift their mentality and learn how to find their inner motivation by rediscovering their true selves instead of letting their role as mothers defined them.

Making it as an Entrepreneur

According to Denise, the turning point in her career came when she stopped imitating other people. ‘When I began working every day being ME (…) things began to really open up for me.’

For entrepreneurs starting their own business, Denise suggests spending time in nature to slow down as well as: ‘Being genuine in what you do. The more the business is actually you to the core, the fewer options that there are to quitting. Because we can never quit on ourselves, that is a non – negotiable.’