A recent study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor revealed that in 2021, the Total Early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) rate for women in the United States rose to 15.2%, up from 13.6% in 2020. A significant driving force behind this increase was the desire to make a positive impact, with an impressive 70.5% of the surveyed women entrepreneurs citing this motivation.

FoundHer: Empowering Mothers and Advocating for Fair Pay

FoundHer, a women-owned recruiting firm, works to eliminate discrimination faced by mothers returning to the workforce after a career break. They collaborate with corporate clients who value flexibility and implement fair pay practices. Runa Knapp, Co-FoundHer and Chief Business Development Officer, emphasizes the importance of understanding a client’s policies around supporting women and promoting equality.

The Produce Moms®: Educating Consumers and Elevating the Values in Influencer Marketing

The Produce Moms®, a recently certified B Corp, aims to educate consumers on the benefits of fresh produce through content and brand partnerships. CEO and Founder Lori Taylor stresses the importance of values-based influencer marketing and carefully evaluates clients based on their commitment to fair labor wages and sustainable practices.

The Tea Spot: Promoting Wellness and Giving Back with 10% for Wellness Program

The Tea Spot, an early B Corp adopter, integrates purpose with profit by donating 10% of profits to cancer survivors and community wellness programs. Founder and CEO Maria Uspenski insists on high standards of food safety and quality while also committing to wellness through the company’s 10% for Wellness program.

Eco-Conscious Women in Kazakhstan: Leading the Way in Sustainable Practices

In Kazakhstan, environmental concerns drive women entrepreneurs to create businesses that promote eco-friendly practices. Maryam Kassymova, an eco-trainer and Ministry of Ecology ambassador, educates individuals and businesses on reducing waste and making conscious consumer choices. Kassymova’s mission focuses on the importance of small acts, such as using reusable water bottles and eco-friendly shopping bags, to protect the environment and promote health.

A Fresh Approach to Flowers: Reducing Waste through Innovative Packaging Solutions

Karina Sadykova, a vegan and zoological activist, revolutionizes the flower business by selling flowers in recyclable glass jars. This approach eliminates wasteful packaging and extends the lifespan of the flowers, attracting clients who value sustainability. Sadykova encourages entrepreneurs to prioritize environmental considerations when starting a business.