According to the National Institute of Health, roughly one in five US adults live with a mental illness. Taking care of your mental health is a necessary but challenging endeavor, which most of us had to experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is exactly what happened to Paula Sima Mulamula who, right after the world shut down, found herself drinking more and eating less.

The path to becoming a mental health advocate

This wasn’t the first time in which Paula struggled with mental health. “In 2016, when for the first time I experienced depression, it was a lot of learning and healing of myself which brought back my relationship with God. That’s when I started creating mental health awareness with my Lifewithpaula movement,” said Paula.

But the real turning point came with the arrival of Covid-19 when, following the suggestions of her manager Angela, Paula decided to start her podcast Talkshitwithp. “Despite it all, I still think (Covid-19) was a blessing in disguise, because that’s when I took action with my life and I doubt I would have without Covid (..) so, thank you Covid-19,” said Paula.

Mental health advocate, Paula Sima Mulamula, is all about talking shit and keeping it real
Mental health advocate, Paula Sima Mulamula, is all about talking shit and keeping it real

A place where to talk shit and keep it real

As a podcaster, Paula is trying to increase awareness about mental illnesses, especially in her home country, Tanzania. In her Talkshitwithp podcast, she talks about the importance of self-care and living an authentic life by owning your story. Paula also serves as a mental health advocate stressing the value of talking shit and keeping it real.

“I want people to come on my show and be as vulnerable and authentic as they can. A place where people feel welcome and heard just for being their true selves to have those conversations, however dramatic or painful. Where we can learn something together or learn to disagree respectfully,” said Paula. 

Paula’s suggestions for new entrepreneurs

To people looking forward to starting their own business, Paula suggests never settling for a life you are not happy with, keep taking risks, and never give up, no matter what. “Regret is a bitch that lives rent-free in your head. Don’t give her the space,” said Paula.