What if our brains were not too different from software? What if we could reprogram our minds to achieve happiness and self-fulfillment? It may sound like science-fiction to some, but this is exactly the topic of Rosa Lopez Antonini’s book, The Zero-Sum Game of You

The 63-day game challenge

In her book, Rosa develops a step-by-step 63-day challenge that helps you get rid of negative habits and build new positive ones focusing on gratitude, self-development, and success on your own terms.

The Zero-Sum Game of You is currently available both in print, Audible version, and Kindle version and will be soon published in Spanish. 

Rosa’s new approach aims to help people “break the cycle of poverty while building a more powerful mindset enabling (them) to build their own success,” said Rosa. This is why 60 percent of her books’ funds will be used to create education programs for young adults to get more fulfilling and better-paid jobs. 

Rosa Lopez Antonini’s book helps people achieve Achieve Happiness and Self-Fulfillment
Rosa Lopez Antonini, author of The Zero-Sum Game of You (Photo by Angela Atelier Photography)

Meet the author 

Rosa Antonini is a philanthropist and software engineer, who had to face several financial struggles while growing up.

Education gave me the tool to create a much better future. I learned that many times individuals just need a little help to change their lives. I want to provide this opportunity to others, so they don’t have to struggle as much,” said Rosa.  

Rosa now runs three training programs in Uganda, one of the poorest countries in the world, teaching locals skills such as carpentry, tailoring, and hair beauty. This new entrepreneur is also in the process of launching similar courses in the Dominican Republic. 

The key to Happiness and Self-Fulfillment

Rosa attributes her entrepreneurial success to her vision and ability to let it go.

“I am very clear as to “Why” I’m doing this. The idea and vision are bigger than myself. Sometimes, the challenges can be overwhelming, but I understand that everything will pass, and these challenges bring us lessons to learn and become better,” said Rosa. 

For people looking to gain happiness and self-fulfillment to achieve financial success, Rosa suggests stopping comparing yourself to others, keeping an open mind, and never letting anyone make you compromise your core values. “We don’t need to wait until we are drowning to start swimming in life,” said Rosa.